Over time, our oral health tends to degrade. This occurs naturally as we age due to accumulated wear and tear, dietary and lifestyle choices, related health concerns, and a whole host of other interconnected issues. Unfortunately, the accumulation of these various issues can result in experiencing multiple oral health problems at once, which may in turn negatively impact your day-to-day life. If this is the case, you can turn to the team at Centre Dentaire Limbour for rehabilitative dentistry.

What Is Rehabilitative Dentistry?

Rehabilitative dentistry is a comprehensive and holistic approach to dental care. If you are experiencing multiple oral health problems simultaneously, dental rehabilitation can help restore the healthy use of your jaw and teeth. Problems typically treated include missing or misaligned teeth, chipped, cracked, or broken teeth, difficulty chewing or closing the jaw, periodontal disease, muscle aches or stiffness, and even headaches which may be caused by poor oral health. The end goal is improved general health on multiple levels, and therefore each treatment is uniquely tailored to the patient in question.

What You Can Expect

Because of the nature of this approach to treatment, no two instances of rehabilitative dentistry will be exactly alike. When you come to Centre Dentaire Limbour, we'll begin with a thorough examination of the current state of your oral health. After determining what your needs are and assessing the best course of action to achieve optimal results, your dentist will outline a comprehensive treatment plan with you. There will be follow-ups after the treatments are completed to assess how much your condition has improved and, if necessary, outline the next steps.

Time may take its toll on us all, but its effects don't have to be a life sentence on your teeth. Book an appointment with us now to begin your road to dental rehabilitation.