Why You Need a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports

Your dentist in Gatineau can help you protect your teeth with a fitted mouthguard.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards from Your Dentist in Gatineau Protect Your Teeth, Mouth, And Jaw If you’re playing sports this summer, you should include a mouth guard as part of your protective sports gear. Mouth guards are often overlooked in sports since they are not usually required for players to participate. Helmets, shoulder pads, and shin […]

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How to Keep Your Teeth White between Visits to the Dentist

Troubles buccodentaires - dentiste à gatineau

Tips for keeping your teeth shining beautifully after teeth whitening in Gatineau Teeth whitening is a popular dental treatment because beautiful white teeth are attractive and help boost self-esteem. However, all teeth eventually get stained with foods, drinks, and lifestyle habits, so it is important to maintain good oral hygiene for a beautiful smile that […]

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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Gatineau

Why Dental Implants Are an Ideal Option for Replacing Missing Teeth If you’ve lost teeth due to an accident or a dental problem, you will have to replace them to maintain good oral health. This will allow you to chew properly, keep your jawbone strong, and feel comfortable with your smile again. You currently have […]

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The Benefits Of CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC dental crowns with your Gatineau dentist

CEREC Technology Allows Gatineau Dentists to Create and Install Crowns in Just One Visit If you need a dental crown, your dentist in Gatineau can create and install your crown in just one visit with CEREC technology. The CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) system produces ceramic porcelain tooth restorations through digital impressions, design, and milling. Your dentist […]

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