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Baby’s First Trip to the Dentist

When should you take your baby to their first appointment at your Wakefield dental clinic? Before their first birthday, or when their first teeth start to show up.

“When Should I Take My Child to The Dentist?”

It’s a question heard in many a Wakefield dental clinic: “When should I take my child to the dentist?” Parents worry about how often they should bring their baby to the dentist and when the right time is for their first appointment.

The answer is easy: oral health care should start as soon as possible, even if your child doesn’t have a single tooth yet. The first trip to the dentist, meanwhile, should come when their teeth start to appear.

While it may seem simple and straightforward, there are still a few things you need to know about bringing your young child to the dentist for the first time:

When to Schedule Their First Visit

As mentioned earlier, you should bring your child to the dentist when their teeth start to appear. This generally happens before their first birthday. That being said, sometimes you might want to make an earlier appointment.

Teething can be very uncomfortable for some children, and in some cases a trip to the dentist can help you find some relief for your child. Thankfully, for many children, teething doesn’t last too long.

What to Expect at the Wakefield Dental Clinic

Your child’s first check-up will generally consist of a gentle cleaning and examination. Your dentist will want to check their gum health while making sure their teeth are coming in normally. For teeth that are in place, your dentist will ensure their health and see if they need further cleaning.

Part of this first visit will focus on getting your child used to the new environment. This means they’ll be introduced to the dentist, their hygienists, and will get a positive first experience that’ll help set the tone for future visits.

This is also an opportunity for parents to familiarize themselves with proper dental care techniques. Take the time to ask questions and get more information on maintaining your child’s oral health as they grow.

Appointment Frequency

Children grow quickly, and their care needs change as they grow. Their teeth are no different, which is why dentists recommend regular check-ups every six months. This helps dentists keep track of tooth growth and catch any issues before they can progress or worsen.

Every child is different, and may require a different dental care regiment. Your dentist may recommend a different routine upon review of your child’s current dental health.

Taking your child to your Wakefield dental clinic and maintaining their oral health should start early. By taking your child to the dentist before their first birthday, you can educate yourself about their dental health needs as they grow. And by scheduling visits every six months, their teeth will remain as healthy and strong as they possibly can, supporting their growth and development.

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