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The Benefits Of CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC dental crowns with your Gatineau dentist

CEREC Technology Allows Gatineau Dentists to Create and Install Crowns in Just One Visit

If you need a dental crown, your dentist in Gatineau can create and install your crown in just one visit with CEREC technology. The CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) system produces ceramic porcelain tooth restorations through digital impressions, design, and milling. Your dentist can even match the shade of the crown to your natural tooth colour. After testing your crown to see if it fits properly, your dentist will make any necessary adjustments before the final crown installation.

This fast technology is improving the speed, precision, and convenience of tooth restorations. CEREC technology is not only useful to dentists, but it also extremely beneficial for patients.

Saves Time

Since the crown creation, fitting, and installation are all completed quickly within one appointment, you won’t have to come back for another appointment to have the crown installed. This is much more convenient and saves you valuable time, especially if you had to book time off work or travel far to get to your appointment.

Prevents Stress & Discomfort

With the fast CEREC system, you won’t need to experience the stress and discomfort from typical crowns. This includes multiple visits and injections for anesthesia, or the discomfort from temporary crowns and tooth sensitivity. If you’ve undergone dental surgery, a CEREC tooth restoration can provide immediate protection of the vulnerable tooth. Also, the CEREC dental impressions provide precise crowns, designed specifically for your teeth, so your crowns will fit more comfortably.

Used for Various Restorations

The CEREC system is not only useful for creating crowns, but it can also create other tooth restorations, such as bridges, onlays, overlays, and veneers. If you need any of these restorations, opt for CEREC when visiting your dentist in Gatineau.

Strong & Natural-Looking Restorations

CEREC crowns and restorations tend to be more durable and last longer since they are created from solid blocks of ceramic porcelain. These solid blocks are less likely to crack or have fissures during the crown creation and installation, or while you’re chewing hard foods. This means you won’t have to go back to your dentist as often for replacement crowns.

The blocks of ceramic porcelain come in 17 different shades. This means your dentist can match the restoration to your natural tooth colour. Your dentist can also custom-tint and glaze the restoration for a precise match. The CEREC materials also mimic the appearance of tooth enamel. Therefore your dental restorations will look natural and function well like regular teeth.

Healthy Materials

Ceramic porcelain is biocompatible with your teeth, gums, and mouth. It will not cause any harm to your body, be toxic, cause a reaction, or get rejected. This material is much better for your health compared to metal tooth restorations.

The next time you’re at your dentist in Gatineau and you need a crown or other tooth restoration, consider these many convenient benefits to using CEREC technology.

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