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I Don’t Want To Go

A trip to your Wakefield dental clinic shouldn't leave you feeling anxious - here's how dentists help alleviate their patients' fears.

Common Dental Clinic Fears And How To Address Them

Too many people have fears about visiting the dentist. While it might not always top their list of favourite things to do, it doesn’t have to be something people dread. Visiting your Wakefield dental clinic should be a positive thing, a part of maintaining your teeth and overall health.

A slight aversion to a trip to the dentist might be understandable, but for some people, it goes beyond that into feelings of anxiety and stress, if not outright phobia. While not uncommon, many people who experience this (on any level) end up feeling overwhelmed, causing them to completely avoid the dentist and any activities that would cause a need for an appointment.

But what’s at the root of these negative feelings, and what sparks this fear? While it’s different for everyone, there are a few common causes:

Negative Experiences

Painful trips to the dentist can be hard to overcome. Memories of painful dentist appointments can leave a patient with fears and anxieties, which are completely understandable. It’s important for dentists to do what they can to help alleviate these concerns and show how painless all procedures are.

Others may have had a bad experiences with their previous dentist, leaving the patient distrustful of all dentists. While they may have had a bad experience, it’s no reason to be afraid of all dentists!


Patients may not have an issue with their dentist and their professional methods, but might be embarrassed about the state their teeth are in. We don’t have many people looking inside our mouths, making it a very personal area. A patient may feel self-conscious about their teeth and their overall oral health, making them uncomfortable with a dentist looking around and judging them.

While these worries are common to many people, a dentist isn’t trying to shame or make patients feel guilty—they’re concerned about your overall oral health.


During an appointment, patients are in a very vulnerable position. This may cause patients to feel uncomfortable, or like they don’t have any control in the situation. This can quickly lead to feelings of anxiety and worry.

Do any of these sound familiar? It’s important to voice your concerns with your dentist. Helping a patient feel comfortable during the appointment is part of the job. Here are a few techniques dentists use to help fearful patients feel a little more comfortable.


Before a dentist performs any procedure on a patient, even a simple cleaning, they will speak with their patient and address any questions, fears or anxieties they may have.


It’s important for dentists to explain procedures to their patients before any work can begin. Communication is key so the patient is aware of what is happening and how it will be done. A patient should never feel rushed or pressured, and dentists will always take the time to explain procedures to help patients understand, and feel more comfortable.


It’s important to address any and all concerns a patient may have. Dentists will reassure patients and provide positive reinforcement throughout any and all procedures, and will make sure their patients are completely comfortable before work can begin.

One of the most important things a dentist can do to help a patient feel comfortable is to simply take their time. Dentists will never rush a patient into anything they are uncomfortable with, but it is up to the patient to communicate their fears to their dentist. If you feel nervous or afraid to follow through with dental appointments, talk to your dentist next time you’re at your Wakefield dental clinic.

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