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Why You Need a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports

Your dentist in Gatineau can help you protect your teeth with a fitted mouthguard.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards from Your Dentist in Gatineau Protect Your Teeth, Mouth, And Jaw

If you’re playing sports this summer, you should include a mouth guard as part of your protective sports gear. Mouth guards are often overlooked in sports since they are not usually required for players to participate. Helmets, shoulder pads, and shin guards are a must to protect players’ heads and bodies, but many players don’t wear the one protective gear that will protect their teeth, mouth, and jaw from injuries. And dental injuries are the most common type of facial injuries in sports. A custom-made mouth guard from your dentist in Gatineau can comfortably keep your mouth protected and your teeth in one place so you can play sports this summer without worrying about mouth injuries.

Sports-Related Mouth Injuries

The grin of a hockey player with a missing front tooth is a familiar image for sports fans since hockey players tend to get hit in the mouth often—whether from pucks, sticks, fists, or elbows. Hockey and other contact sports—such as football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and wrestling—pose greater risks for mouth and jaw injuries. Some of the most common mouth injuries from sports include:

  • Cracked teeth;
  • Broken teeth;
  • Dislodged (knocked out) teeth;
  • Gum lacerations and bleeding; and,
  • Bruised or fractured jaw bones.

However, these mouth injuries can be prevented with a quality custom-made mouth guard from your dentist in Gatineau.

How Mouth Guards Work

Mouth guards are made specifically to prevent oral injuries—injuries to the teeth, mouth, and jaw—while playing sports. Mouth guards are made to fit into your mouth and cover your teeth without hindering your ability to breathe or cause any discomfort. Custom-made mouth guards from a dentist in Gatineau are more comfortable to wear and provide better protection than over-the-counter mouth guards since they are designed specifically to fit an individual’s mouth and teeth. Well-designed mouth guards will withstand damage from impact and general wear-and-tear, providing protection for longer.

How to Care For Your Mouth Guard

To keep your mouth guard clean and in good condition so it can protect your mouth and teeth for longer, follow these tips for mouth guard care:

  • After each use, gently brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Keep it in its protective case when not in use;
  • To avoid melting and warping, never place your mouth guard in hot water or sunlight;
  • Don’t chew on it;
  • If it doesn’t fit properly, or it has worn out, replace it for better protection; and,
  • If it is used frequently, replace it at the beginning of every sports season.

To get fitted for a custom mouth guard this sports season, visit your Gatineau dentist. A mouth guard—plus good oral hygiene—will keep your mouth, teeth, and jaw protected throughout the year so you won’t have to worry about replacing a missing front tooth.

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