Looking for an Emergency Dentist in Gatineau?

The team at Centre Dentaire Limbour understands that dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That’s why we make urgent situations a priority. We always have an emergency dentist in Gatineau prepared to address painful dental issues that simply can’t wait. <? /* Whether your emergency occurs during or outside of regular office hours, or even on a statutory holiday, we’re committed to going the extra mile for patients by offering emergency dental services. */ ?>

Just like medical emergencies, there are several situations that warrant emergency dental care. Whether you experienced a sudden shock to the teeth like a bad fall or an accident, or a damaged or decaying tooth is causing you issues, these things can’t always wait until the next available appointment. Your emergency dentist in Gatineau can assist you with any of the following situations:

  • A chipped or broken tooth. This may expose sensitive nerves and blood vessels resulting in extreme pain.
  • A knocked out tooth. The sooner you seek help, the better the chance that we can salvage the tooth!
  • A lost or broken filling, which could potentially also result in the exposure of sensitive tissue.
  • Something stuck between your teeth. If you cannot remove it yourself, see your dentist immediately to avoid damage to your gums and teeth.
  • A damaged or lost dental crown.
  • Complications from wisdom teeth extraction, including infected gums, bleeding, or dry sockets.
  • Severe injury to your lips or tongue. This includes deep cuts and punctures caused by bites.
  • Broken dentures.

These are just some of the many situations that warrant the care of an emergency dentist in Gatineau. The most important step you can take when faced with any of these problems is to remain calm. No matter the cause of your pain, the team at Centre Dentaire Limbour is expertly qualified to attend to your emergency calmly, professionally, and efficiently. Your comfort is our first priority, and we offer quick and caring treatment options to suit your specific dental needs.

We provide emergency services for existing and new patients alike. If you have experienced any kind of trauma and are in need of immediate dental attention, contact us immediately.