In order to keep your teeth healthy, your gums need to be healthy too. If you notice that your teeth’s roots are exposed (your teeth look longer than they should be), this may mean your gums are recessing and shrinking. Aside from obvious aesthetic concerns, this is something you should address sooner rather than later as it is highly likely that this will cause your teeth to become hypersensitive to food and drink. Some causes of gum recession include the use of tobacco products, gum (periodontal) disease caused by bacteria, genetics, and aggressive tooth brushing.


A common method of gum grafting consists of the removal of the soft tissue from the roof of a patient’s mouth and placing it in the area of concern. However, our dental clinic offers a highly effective alternative for gum grafting that eliminates the need for palatal surgery, which could in turn reduce patient anxiety.

AlloDerm® by BioHorizons is an innovative product that has been used in various soft tissue regeneration applications. In dentistry, this acellular dermal matrix (ADM) supports the regeneration of gum tissue. Once the procedure is complete and the appropriate healing time has passed, your gums will look so natural there will be no evidence that you had any kind of dental treatment done. Because it is derived from donated human skin, your gums will not reject the natural tissue.

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