Implant-supported dentures, otherwise known as overdentures, may be the right solution for you if you have lost one or both rows of your teeth.

What are some of the advantages that implant-supported dentures have over regular dentures? For one, they are sturdier and more stable given that they are supported by titanium screws implanted inside your jawbone. As a result, they give you a more natural ability to chew and bite. Thanks to the implants taking up the space where your natural tooth roots would have been, the bone in your jaw will be preserved rather than deteriorate in situations where there is nothing in place of your roots, as is the case with conventional dentures.

Our dentists will place several implants in the jawbone along with healing abutments on top of each one. After a few months, when your jaw bone has completely fused with the titanium screws (osseintegration) ensuring that the implants are secure and stable in your jaw, restorative abutments will be placed on top of them to anchor the denture(s). After this, your dentist will permanently affix the denture(s) to the abutments.

If you’d like to know if implant-supported dentures are the right solution for you, contact our clinic today to book an appointment or consultation!