At Centre Dentaire Limbour, we pride ourselves on offering our patients the most comprehensive treatment experience possible by keeping abreast of the latest technologies and services available in our field. We also believe that as a patient, you should be involved in the entire treatment process. That’s why our team makes use of intraoral cameras.

Not only does the use of an intraoral camera allow our dental professionals to work more quickly and effectively, and to make a more accurate diagnosis than with a conventional camera, it provides many clear benefits for our patients. With an intraoral camera, our expert team of dental professionals has the ability to deliver clear, detailed images to help you better understand the diagnosed problem, as well as the various treatments that are available. This is a fast and effective way for us to visually explain the steps and processes that we recommend.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’re confident that our use of this technology will increase your confidence in the services that we provide. Contact us today to book your appointment!