Are you in need of a custom-fitted mouthguard? Whether you’re putting your child in a sports league or trying to prevent grinding your teeth in your sleep, a custom-fitted mouthguard is always a superior choice to the over-the-counter variety for a number of reasons. At Centre Dentaire Limbour, our team can fit you with your very own, molded on your teeth and designed to meet your needs!

The Difference a Dentist-Made Mouthguard Makes

There are two main varieties of over-the-counter guards: sport guards and night guards. These are both a one-size-fits all solution, which means that they won’t conform properly to the unique shape of your jaw and alignment of your teeth. As a result, the protection that they provide is minimized, their lifespan is shorter, and they may even cause discomfort when worn.

By comparison, when you come to Centre Dentaire Limbour for your mouthguard, our dentists start by taking a precise mold of your teeth. This is used to produce a guard that conforms comfortably to the way your teeth are aligned, fitting snugly over them and providing exceptional protection. They’re also much more comfortable! They’re also built to last, and when taken care of properly, can last for years.

Mouthguards for Athletes

Whether for yourself or for your young ones, a mouthguard makes a huge difference when playing sports such as hockey, football, lacrosse, and combat sports. This is because certain sports are liable to result in sudden and unexpected impacts, which can be incredibly damaging for your teeth. At Centre Dentaire Limbour, our team will produce a sports guard that takes your unique requirements into account to offer maximum protection so you can play safe without worrying about your pearly whites.

Mouthguards for Treating Bruxism

Bruxism is characterized by the often-unconscious grinding of teeth, and can cause severe damage to the teeth and jaw. Unfortunately, many people who grind their teeth do so in their sleep, when they’re unable to consciously prevent it. Fortunately, our dentists have the solution—a custom-fitted night guard that prevents you from grinding and keeps your teeth comfortable and secure.