Dr. Eric Marcil

After graduating from the University of Montreal in 1996, Dr. Eric Marcil followed in the footsteps of his father, who was a periodontist. Previously, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, which for him, has provided meaning to the art of dentistry. Today, after extensive training in aesthetic rehabilitation, his primary focus is on ceramic restorations, which are able to restore a treated tooth’s original strength. Passionate about dental surgery and aesthetics, he developed a talent for wisdom teeth surgery and transplants, as well as aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. With the goal of offering a greater range of services to patients, a porcelain oven has been added to our arsenal, allowing us to fabricate IPS e.max® crowns or porcelain veneers in a single appointment. Dr. Marcil has also completed advanced training in Botox® Therapeutic™ Treatment to relieve patients of their pains, eliminate the need for medications, and prevent restorations from being damaged by the grinding or clenching of teeth.

Aside from being a Gatineau dentist, Dr. Marcil is also an avid body painter, and he was recently featured on a TV show, “La Fabrique Culturelle,” where he was interviewed in his painting studio.

Gatineau dentist Dr Eric Marcil
Gatineau dentist assitant Isabelle Tremblay
Isabelle Tremblay

Isabelle obtained her Professional Studies Diploma in Dental Assistance in 1992, and has worked with Gatineau dentist Dr. Marcil since Centre Dentaire Limbour opened in 1998. With over 24 years of experience in the field, Isabelle is extremely versatile and dedicated–she’s even responsible for the office’s accounting and management. With her sweet demeanor, ever-present smile, and her excellent communication skills, she will make sure every patient’s visit is enjoyable. She is passionate about dentistry, and always full of new ideas. Over the years, she has accompanied Dr. Marcil to several training sessions, allowing him to deepen his knowledge. She too has a great desire to learn, and is always on the lookout for the latest trends in the field. A traveler at heart, and bitten by the fitness bug, Isabelle loves spending time with her family and friends.

Nathalie Legendre

Nathalie is the Senior Administrative Assistant at Centre Dentaire Limbour. After leaving the École Polyvalente Le Carrefour in 1985, she became a professional hairdresser and worked in the field, where she learned her dedication to customer service, for 25 years. Nathalie has worked at Centre Dentaire Limbour since 2010; she always welcomes patients with her radiant smile, and is ready to answer all of their questions upon arrival. She loves travelling down south, but a salmon fishing trip would make her just as happy.

Nathalie Legendre
Annie Jacques-Trudel
Annie Jacques-Trudel

Annie is an Administrative Assistant at Centre Dentaire Limbour. She holds a diploma in Dental Administration, and joined Dr. Marcil’s team in October 2015. Annie previously pursued training in nursing, but after realizing that it wasn’t for her, she turned to administration in the dental field. With a love for exploring and learning new things, Annie is always ready to pursue additional training in order to provide the best possible service. She looks forward to welcoming you to the office!

Véronique Lemieux

Véronique obtained her diploma in Dental Hygiene from Collège de l’Outaouais in 2005. She joined Dr. Marcil’s team in 2004 as a Dental Assistant, and subsequently as a Dental Hygienist in June 2005. Her experience (dental laboratory, operative dentistry), along with the new technologies at her disposal, enable her to achieve the best possible results with the care she gives to all of her patients. Véronique can best be described as professional, thorough, and always in search of new knowledge.

Julie Larabie
Julie Larabie

Julie received her Dental Assistant diploma in 1988, and practiced this profession for more than 20 years before deciding to tackle the challenge of becoming a Dental Hygienist in 2008. Julie is passionate about the dental world, and has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the 3 years she spent working with a specialty in periodontics. She has worked with Gatineau dentist Dr. Marcil at Centre Dentaire Limbour since January 2015, and has recently become the office’s Dental Coordinator. Julie now receives all new patients, and provides thorough explanation of the proposed treatment plans. The well-being of each of her patients is her top priority; she is always on the lookout for new developments and technologies in the dental world, and regularly attends continuing education courses with the support and guidance of Dr. Marcil. Julie is always smiling, and her passion for dentistry surely shows in her high quality service and contagious laughter.

Sonia Valée-Corbeil

Sonia holds a Professional Training Diploma in Dental Assistance from the Centre Vision-Avenir de Gatineau. She has worked in this field since 2011, and has been a part of the Centre Dentaire Limbour team since February 2015. Sonia is always professional and ready to provide high-quality care to meet our patient’s high expectations. With a desire to keep improving her knowledge, and remarkable coaching from Gatineau dentist Dr. Marcil, Sonia stays up to date with best practices in dental care, and continues to develop her skills. Sonia has an understanding of dental hygiene that is of paramount importance in this field. Moreover, she is dynamic, disciplined, competent, and has a great ability to relate to others. She looks forward to providing you with quality care.

Sonia Valée-Corbeil
Annick Carrière hygiéniste dentaire
Annick Carrière

Annick has been working with Gatineau dentist Dr. Marcil since 2002. When she first started as a member of the team, she was an assitant in charge of repeat visitors until she received her diploma from the collège de l’Outaouais, where she began as a dental hygienist 15 years ago. She has her clients’ best interest at heart, and offers them the highest quality treatments possible. She continually updates her education with continuous training in order to perfect her skills and knowledge. Personable, courteous, simple, and dynamic, she knows how to make your visit comfortable and will put you at ease. Welcoming you to Limbour’s dental centre is truly a treat for her!

Sophia Son

Sophia graduated from Collège Édouard-Montpetit in December of 2013. She began practicing as soon as she obtained her license from the Ordre des Hygiénistes Dentaires du Québec. Having worked for the past 12 years in the greater Montreal area where she grew up, she decided to settle in the Outaouais region in the summer of 2016. Since her arrival in Gatineau, she has completed a maternity leave at a local dental clinic before joining Dr. Eric Marcil’s team in March 2017.

Her years of experience with a dental team whose philosophy of practice is very similar to that of Dr. Marcil’s team has facilitated her integration. Passionate about prevention in dental health, she will convince you that dental floss should be used more than just every now and then. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, humor, and meticulousness assures you that you are in good hands.

Sophia Son, Hygiéniste dentaire chez centre dentaire Limbour
Maude Harrisson, Hygiéniste dentaire
Maude Harrisson

Maude graduated from Tourism Technology in Laval in 2008 before deciding to make a career change. On the same note, she returned to school in 2014 at the CÉGEP Gabrielle-Roy of Hull to be come a dental hygienist. Originally from Abitibi, she traveled through Quebec as much for her studies as for work before finally deciding to return to the Outaouais region and working at Dr. Marcil’s clinic since February 2017. She is very excited about her new career choice which is stimulating and opening doors to new challenges for her. Meticulous, gentle, and close to people, she will meet all your needs.

Angie Dumais

Angie holds a diploma in professional studies as a dental assistant from the Centre Vision Avenir. She has been practicing this profession since 2015 and has been working at the Centre Dentaire Limbour since March 2017. She is easy to approach and has a great thirst for learning. Being the right hand of Dr. Marcil, she knows how to make you feel comfortable and take good care of you.

Angie Dumais, Centre Dentaire Limbour